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Mastering Nik Collection:
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5 hours of in-depth tutorials

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Want to master your software and get better photos? Until 25 September, each purchase of Nik Collection 6 comes with free access to a complete collection of exclusive video lessons, created by the expert tutors at Fstoppers.

So, whether you’re totally new to Nik Collection, have used its eight brilliant apps before but want a quick refresher, or are an experienced user who wants to improve your skills and dive deeper, this comprehensive course is for you. Get it now!


*Offer ends September 25, 2023

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With five hours of tutorials, you’ll get comprehensive training on all eight plugins, their tools, and how best to use them on your photos. Learn about controlling color and tonality, improving noise and sharpness; adding creative effects like borders and textures; plus how to use Nik Collection’s unique and powerful U Point™ tool!

  • 10 lessons
  • Introduction to the basics
  • Complete workflow
  • Advanced techniques for experienced photographers
  • Instant download


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