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Nik Collection 5 comes with an extra piece of software, absolutely free:

DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL, the powerful RAW editing software from DxO, is the perfect companion to the Nik Collection suite.

This one-time purchase delivers a phenomenal, comprehensive photo-editing package.

DxO PhotoLab industry acclaim

The best image workflow software on the market. Highly recommended.


DxO’s superb image-editing tech hits the mainstream. Should Adobe be worried?


A revolution in image processing


Highly recommended


RAW power, effortless results

Supercharge your RAW photo editing and produce captivating images using software packed with powerful, easy-to-use technology — and all without a subscription.

The best lens corrections you can get. Period


You already get some of the benefits of DxO’s market-leading scientific research in Nik Collection. DxO’s renowned Optics Modules are the foundation of Nik Perspective Efex, and they deliver the finest lens corrections available.

With DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL, the Optics Modules ensure that you get the most detail and color from your equipment while eliminating softness, vignetting, geometric distortions, and chromatic aberrations.

Effortless and intuitive local adjustments with U Point™ technology

Nik Collection’s U Point™ technology is powerful and unique which is why it was implemented in DxO PhotoLab.

You’ll be used to the precision and ease with which you can make local adjustments, and with DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL you get to use Control Points and Control Lines on RAW files for the ultimate non-destructive workflow.

Organize your photos with ease using PhotoLibrary

The PhotoLibrary in DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL is the perfect way to manage both your RAW files and your high-resolution JPEGs as your collection of digital photographs continues to grow.

With PhotoLibrary, there are no complicated import processes. Just browse your files exactly as they are on your hard drive. Rate and label images, add keywords, search for photos, organize by metadata, and more.

Nik Collection, at your fingertips

DxO PhotoLab 5 gives you immediate access to Nik Collection via the Plugin Selector palette.

Fire up your favorite software without disrupting your workflow.

Balance tones to perfection with DxO SmartLighting

Create harmony across the dynamic range of your images in just a few clicks.

Even out bright highlights and deep shadows using DxO SmartLighting’s intelligent technology.

Complete control over colors with DxO ColorWheel

Shooting in RAW opens up new possibilities when it comes to color, and DxO ColorWheel takes full advantage.

Fine-tune your colors with this creative Hue/Saturation/Luminance tool that’s more sophisticated — not to mention more fun — than anything else out there.

All of your edits, step by step

Use the Advanced History panel to keep tabs on every last edit, grouping your changes so that you can visualize each stage of your process.

Repair your images with ease

Repair and Clone unwanted elements at a RAW level, ready for editing in Nik Collection.

The automatic repair tool allows you to reposition and overlap your changes to give you precise control over your editing.

And more

A perfect complement to Nik Collection 5, DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL comes supercharged with tools and technology.

Batch processing in multiple file formats
Selective copy/paste edits between images
Histogram and Tone Curve
Integrated exports for quick sharing
Fullscreen mode