Nik Collection 3 By DxO is the world’s most exciting and creative suite of photo plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. With a range of stunning visual effects and some brilliant new editing tools, Nik Collection 3 gives you total creative control over your photos!

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Today's photography, timeless stylesNEW

Explore five timeless styles with the 25 exclusive photo presets for Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro created for the Nik Collection 3 by DxO 25th Anniversary: color portraiture, black and white portraiture, landscape photography, animal photography, and street photography. 

nik collections features original nik collections features old vintage nik collections features high contrast nik collections features gritty
nik collections features original
nik collections features old vintage
nik collections features high contrast
nik collections features gritty
nik collection presets original nik collection presets warm soft nik collection presets hint of color nik collection presets rugged
nik collection presets original
nik collection presets warm soft
nik collection presets hint of color
nik collection presets rugged



Explore over 200 stunning color and black and white photo presets: pump up the color and atmosphere of your shots with Color Efex Pro, or enhance your black and white photos with Silver Efex Pro. You can even give your work a vintage look with Analog Efex Pro! The presets from the Nik Collection 3 by DxO were developed by expert photographers to give all your images new creative dimensions! 


The brilliant new Nik Selective Tool brings Nik Collection 3 plugins right into the heart of your favorite image-editing software and will save your loads of time and clicks. The new Last Edit feature lets you re-apply your last edits with just one click of a mouse. The new Quick Edit option can re-apply the last plugins you used without needing to launch the plugin interface. Access favorite presets for Silver Efex Pro and HDR Efex Pro, as well as your favorite Color Efex Pro effects. These new features give you an even-more-effective workflow, especially when editing a series of similar images.

Selective tool features


The non-destructive workflow is a completely new feature and exclusive to Nik Collection 3. By using the TIFF MULTIPAGE file format, Nik Collection 3 can combine an input file with your original Lightroom edits as well as any changes you’ve made using Nik Collection 3 plugins. Save both sets of edits in a single file.

The plugins can open an image in Adobe Lightroom Classic without changing any of the filters that were applied the last time the file was saved. Return to edits as many times as you like without losing any original adjustments made with Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Non-destructive workflow gives maximum flexibility when editing and is a huge improvement for users of Adobe Lightroom Classic and DxO PhotoLab.

$ 79
$ 149

Lifetime license no subscription
including the 8 plugins

Free trial available here

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Geometric correctionsNEW & EXCLUSIVE

Perspective Efex automatically corrects geometric distortions in your photos. It’s the quickest and easiest way to fix even the most complex geometric distortions.

Either by using reference lines or automatic correction, Perspective Efex can correct any unsightly leading lines in urban and architectural photos, no matter how complex. It’s your best tool to correct keystoning.

Using a one-of-a-kind database created from DxO’s optical modules, Perspective Efex also removes all types of distortion, including barrel, pincushion, and fisheye distortion.

Perspective Efex, is the only plugin on the market that can automatically correct distortions to the shapes of bodies and faces located along the edges of wide-angle photos, resulting in images that accurately reflect reality.

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Take control of the focal point in your photos. Place the emphasis exactly where it works best. With two blur gradients and the flexibility to apply blur just where you want it, Nik’s Miniature Effect can create the perfect amount of transition from sharpness to blur. Add dramatically shallow focus to food shots or turn regular photos into miniature scenes. This brilliant tool even lets you simulate wide-aperture settings for superb and convincing bokeh effects.

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Based on Control Points, U POINT technology lets you flexibly apply local adjustments and tweak settings on specific areas of an image. Alterations can include attributes such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Structure, and much more! The system is ideal for selecting areas that aren’t completely round and selections can even be extended to areas that are partially shaded.

color efex interface features
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Perhaps the best-loved and most-popular Nik Collection plugin. With more than 50 different filters and a raft of exciting image recipes, Color Efex pro will inject color and atmosphere into your photos.

Add some instant sunshine with the Sunlight filter or create an atmospheric and moody landscape using Color Efex Pro’s Fog filter. Change the color of leaves with the Foliage filter or conjure up a sober mood with the eerie Midnight filter.

Color Efex Pro is the quickest and easiest way to add color, mood, and atmosphere to your photos with a creative look that’s as unique as you are.

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black & white photography


Black and white photos are so much more than simply desaturated color images. Truly great black and white images feature fine-tuning of contrast, structure, grain, and tone. Nik Collection 3’s Silver Efex Pro is the professional’s favorite black-and-white plugin thanks to its unique set of algorithms and superbly creative tools.

With its ultra-fine adjustments for brightness, soft contrast, white levels, as well as an advanced Grain Engine, Silver Efex Pro accurately recreates the classic look of the most iconic black and white film types of years gone by.

black and white
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 Maximum creativity FROM A BYGONE AGE

With Analog Efex Pro you can create evocative and atmospheric vintage photos using a spectacular range of analog effects. Capture the old-time ‘look and feel’ of photos taken with classic cameras and lenses. Recreate the look of filmstock long since disappeared. Quickly and easily apply selective blur, bokeh, light leaks, lens vignetting – and even scratches – to your images. Analog Efex Pro provides you with an amazing arsenal of more than 80 tools and vintage effects for you to create images with an authentic antique atmosphere.

creativity nik3
$ 79
$ 149

Lifetime license no subscription
including the 8 plugins

Free trial available here

film original film color efex2 film color efex film silver efex
film original
film color efex2
film color efex
film silver efex

Revisit the golden age of film photography


Remember the glorious and punchy colors of the legendary Kodachrome 64 slide film? How about the deeply saturated splendor of Fujifilm’s Velvia? And who could forget the iconic contrast and grainy starkness of Kodak’s Tri-X black and white film? With Nik Collection you can recreate all these evocative film types, plus many more besides. Enjoy a unique and exclusive range of film types with Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro plugins.

Experiment with more than 50 types and relive the classic look and feel of the ages of film.


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Great HDR images are created using multiple photos shot at different exposure using your camera’s bracket function. Compiling all those images into one great HDR photo takes tremendous skill and experience. Nik Collection’s HDR Efex Pro takes all the guesswork out of turning multiple exposures into stunning HDR images. HDR Efex Pro can even use intelligent tone mapping to reproduce stunning HDR effects from a single exposure. 

bracketing merging
HDR screen
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Nik Collection 3 By DxO includes the brilliant Sharpener Pro plugin with its two unique sharpening stages for creating ultra-crisp images. The first stage pulls out just the right amount of detail from your images to ensure the photos are perfectly prepared ready for you to adjust. The second stage guides you through the process of applying just the right amount of sharpening, so your photos are ready for their final destination, whether that’s a photo printer or a large display screen.

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Digital noise is just a fact of digital photographic life, especially when photos taken at lower light levels. Unlike most noise-reduction tools, Nik Collection’s Dfine plugin is unique. Dfine is a wavelet noise reduction algorithm-based tool. It transforms an image into a map of spacial frequencies and then identifies and removes the unwanted noise. Using its unique noise algorithms, Dfine can automatically remove the right amount of digital noise from your photos without impacting on their sharpness or presence.

NIK Message centerNEW

Make sure your Nik Collection 3 By DxO plugins stay up to date. Message Center tells you as soon as new updates are available. The Message Center also keeps you up to date with the latest news  and gives you access to an impressive array of creative online resources designed to help you get so much more from your photography. As well as keeping your plugins up to date, the Message Center also lets you know about exclusive  webinars, tutorials, and much more.

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Nik Collection 3 works perfectly with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and DxO PhotoLab , as well as a range of third-party image-editing software.


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