Nik Perspective

Fix optical distortions and geometry with a single click.

One of eight powerful plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic offering endless creative possibilities.

Quick, simple and powerful

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6 reasons why you will love Nik Perspective


Need to tweak your angle? No problem!

Shift your perspective to get geometrically pleasing images — in an instant


Easy-to-use tools

Keystoning tools for correcting images have never been simpler


Go auto or use accessible sliders

Use single-click quick fixes or fine-tune with absolute precision


Correct lens distortions

Remove pincushion distortion and more with DxO’s legendary Optics Modules


Add bokeh for miniature worlds and creative effects

Push the viewer’s attention by simulating a tilt-shift lens in a few clicks


Correct wide-angle stretching with ease

A quick fix if your subject was close to the edge of the frame and looked unnatural


Correct your perspective

Simple tools make it extraordinarily easy to get your vertical and horizontal lines absolutely spot on.

Automatically correct your horizons or spin, swing, and rotate your image for dramatic effect.

Nik Perspective also lets you add screen guides, so you can get every element perfectly aligned.


Fix every last detail with the new ReShape tool

Even the smallest out-of-place element can disrupt the balance of a photograph.

The ReShape tool in Nik Perspective lets you manually warp imperfections locally.

Simply choose your preferred scale and drag each section of the image around until you find the perfect balance.

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Fix subjects stretched by the edge of the frame

Volume deformation usually occurs in photos taken with a wide-angle lens. When shooting people, this often results in contorted faces at the edge of the frame.

Fortunately, Nik Perspective automatically corrects volume deformation, fixing photos that might otherwise look somewhat extra-terrestrial.


Correct optical distortions automatically

Even the best lenses aren’t perfect and when it comes to architecture and urban landscapes. You can’t always rely on your gear to get the lines and angles completely right.

DxO tests photographic equipment in its lab to produce a huge database of camera body and lens characteristics. These Optics Modules profile all types of optical distortion — from barrel to pincushion — and Nik Perspective uses them to automatically correct your images in a single click.

(Please note that Nik Perspective is not compatible with Serif Affinity Photo, as it doesn’t allow plugins to perform geometric transformations.)


Simulate bokeh and create miniature worlds

Draw the viewer’s gaze by creating a gorgeous shallow depth of field.

The Miniature Effect tool in Nik Perspective offers a smooth transition between sharp and blurred zones, creating the soft, subtle bokeh of a lens with an extraordinarily wide aperture.

Miniature Effect is perfect for product photography and can make a landscape scene look like a miniature diorama.