Nik Perspective Efex

Fix optical distortions and geometry with a single click.

One of eight powerful plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic® offering endless creative possibilities.

Very quick, simple and powerful to use.

Digital Camera World

Correct your perspective

Shooting with a perspective that’s not ideal can ruin an otherwise fantastic photo. Verticals can collapse towards one another or horizontals might end up converging and ruining a sense of symmetry.

Fortunately, it’s possible to correct these problems with Nik Perspective Efex.

Easy-to-use tools make it simple to apply keystoning to get your vertical and horizontal lines absolutely spot on.

Fix subjects stretched by the edge of the frame

Volume deformation can often occur in group photos taken with wide-angle lenses, stretching people and making them look larger than reality.

Nik Perspective Efex can correct volume deformation automatically, fixing precious family photos that might otherwise have been ruined.


Correct optical distortions

Even the best lenses aren’t perfect and when it comes to architecture and urban landscapes, you can’t always rely on your gear to get the lines and angles completely right.

DxO tests equipment in laboratory conditions, producing an extensive database of camera bodies and lenses. With these DxO Optics Modules, all types of distortion — from barrel to pincushion — can be corrected with just a single click.

(Please note that Nik Perspective Efex is not compatible with Serif Affinity Photo as it does not allow plug-ins to perform geometric transformations.)


Simulate bokeh and create miniature worlds

Choose how to direct your viewer’s gaze by creating a dramatically shallow depth of field.

The Miniature Effect tool in Nik Perspective Efex produces a perfect transition from sharp to blurred, creating the soft, subtle bokeh of a lens with a very wide aperture.

Miniature Effects is perfect for product photography — food especially — and can turn landscape photos into miniature scenes.