Creating Vintage Camera styles with Analog Efex Pro

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Creating Vintage Camera styles with Analog Efex Pro

Presented by: PhotoJoseph
September 8, 2020

Get creative inspiration by using the effects of classic cameras, antique lenses, and older film processes. PhotoJoseph will take you through the basics of using Analog Efex Pro and how you can create your own creative Vintage looks!

Here is what you will learn:
• Starting out with basic Filter Adjustments
• Using the Camera Kit to build your own unique looks
• How to make both Global and Selective Adjustments on an image and more!

About the instructor: PhotoJoseph is a content creator, educator, and YouTuber — he shoots for corporate and celebrity clients, works with schools globally integrating photography into the classroom, leads workshops, has several photography courses on, a regular YouTube show at, and currently lives in the USA in Ashland, Oregon. To learn more about PhotoJoseph, visit: and

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