How to Setup and Improve Your Large Prints with Nik Sharpener

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How to Setup and Improve Your Large Prints with Nik Sharpener

Presentation by: Dan Hughes
June 4, 2021

By customer request, Dan Hughes will take several images and show you the best way to setup for outputting large files using Nik Sharpener.

What you will learn:
1. Why you should disable any sharpening in camera and not sharpen before you open an image in Nik Sharpener
2. Get insight into Output Nik Sharpener Settings
3. Enhancing sharpness globally vs. selectively
4. The different Output Nik Sharpener methods
5. Creating your own custom Preset for future sharpening for print

About the instructor: Dan Hughes is an award-winning photographer and esteemed photography faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dan’s personal practice revolves around experimentation with careful analysis with more than 15 years in the photography industry ranging from commercial photography to fine art printmaking all the way to software development and photography education.

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