Learn About Hyper-Real Landscape Photography


Hosted by DxO Ambassador – Fabio Antenore

April 23, 2020

In this webinar, DxO Ambassador Fabio Antenore will work on a photo in Photoshop and show you how he uses the Plugins from the Nik Collection by DxO in combination with Luminosity Masks and Layers, to add more Contrast and Depth. Discover his techniques to create Hyperreal Landscape Photos.

In this session, you’ll learn Fabio’s workflow in Photoshop with the Nik Collection by DxO to create Hyperreal Landscape Photos
• How to use the Nik Collection by DxO in Photoshop as Layers with Luminosity Masks
• How to Dodge and Burn your photos
• How to increase Contrast and Color

About the instructor: Fabio Antenore is a Swiss landscape photographer who has won multiple international awards. He spends most of his time either close to home in the Swiss mountains or traveling far abroad to live his passion for landscape photography. Fabio works often with so-called ‘Time-blending’ to create a hyperreal image of nature. Time-blendings form an integral part of his work: it’s a technique that offers the opportunity to extend a moment to several minutes and hours. The feeling of a picture is the most important component for him, and he doesn’t want the technical possibilities of a camera to restrict him. Therefore he often combines different short exposures, taken over a longer period of time, in one picture. He created The Landscape Project to teach his techniques in workshops and on photo tours. To see more about Fabio’s work: fabioantenore.ch/ Free AF-Panel for Photoshop from Fabio can be found on his website: https://fabioantenore.ch/

Free AF-Panel for Photoshop from Fabio can be found on his website: https://fabioantenore.ch/af-photoshop-panel-en/?lang=en