Discover the Nik Collection 2.5 by DxO In Action with Affinity Photo 1.8

Hosted by PhotoJoseph

April 14, 2020

The new Nik Collection 2.5 includes a series of wonderful new film looks, applying to a wide variety of photo types. And with the incredible power of Control Points, you can even apply different film types to different parts of the image! In this webinar, see what’s new in Nik 2.5 and how it now integrates with Affinity Photo. (Even if you’re not an Affinity Photo user, this webinar is still for you!)

In this session you will learn:
• How to install Nik Collection 2.5 in Affinity Photo 1.8
• Exploring the new film types
• Learn how to use Control Points to blend film types
• See Affinity Photo layers used to blend Nik filter effects

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