Find the right tool for the job

Nik Collection 5 features a diverse range of plug-ins that offer powerful creative and technical editing solutions.
Find out how you can choose the right tool to take on every challenge.

Stand out from the crowd on social media

With Nik Collection’s innovative plug-ins, your work will have a distinctive look and feel.
Be adventurous with your creativity and share images online that grab people’s attention.

Create compelling black-and-white images

Inspirational monochrome photos are about careful manipulation of tones and tapping into the rich history of classic film grains and emulsions.
Find the perfect black-and-white feel and create compelling images.

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Discover historic analog techniques and vintage effects

Photography’s rich history has continued to evolve, with eras marked by distinct technology producing images full of character.

Perfect your tones, contrast, color, and saturation

By making every element within your photo work in harmony, you can produce images that leave an impression.
A combination of global and targeted changes to tones, color, contrast, saturation, and more can transform a good photo into something stunning.


Correct perspectives and geometric distortions

It can be frustrating when you can’t shoot from the right angle or when your equipment isn’t quite giving you the results that you need.
Make geometric changes to your images and get the symmetry and balance that you were looking for.

Create bold, playful, and experimental effects

Editing your photos is an opportunity to try something new.
Find the perfect look and feel for your images, or discover something you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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Prepare your images for printing

Getting your photos ready for printing requires precision, especially if you’re creating something big and bold.
Make sure you’re squeezing the best possible quality from your work by getting the perfect level of sharpness and reducing noise.

Experiment with creative presets and filters

Sometimes you need quick results or perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started on an image.
Browse through hundreds of presets designed by photographers for photographers.

Remove haze

The clarity of a photograph can be ruined by pollution, mist, and fog. Cut through with ClearView, a tool that removes haze in just a few clicks.