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Nik Collection 5

The suite of eight plug-ins that will
unlock your photographic potential.

For Adobe Photoshop®, Lightroom Classic®, and as
standalone software for Mac and PC.

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27 years of innovation dedicated to creativity

The Nik Collection is the quintessential plugin collection.

Digital Camera World

Stamp your own personality on your images.


As fresh, varied and exciting now as when it was launched.

Life After Photoshop

Virtually infinite control options.


what’s new in
Nik Collection 5

Take your images to the next level.

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Why upgrade?

27 years of innovation dedicated to creativity

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More power,
more possibilities

Alongside the eight plug-ins, Nik Collection 5 now includes
DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL, absolutely free.

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Create your style
Tell your story

Nik Collection gives you the chance to play, discover,
and explore. What will inspire your next photograph?

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Getting started

Discover which plug-ins are best suited for
which tasks.

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Nik Color Efex

The world’s most
comprehensive set
of filters for creative
color editing

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Nik Analog Efex

Rediscover the
golden age of
analog photography

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Get inspired


Watch a video about the magic of Nik Collection

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Webinar: The latest features in Nik Collection 5

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Discover Nik Collection’s potential to transform your images

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