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Get started

Learn how to work with the plugins from Photoshop, Lightroom, DxO PhotoLab, Affinity Photo, and as standalone apps.

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What’s new

Discover the upgrades to U Point, all of the new workflow improvements, and the brand new functionality in Nik Color Efex.

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The plugins at a glance

Get a quick overview of each of the plugins that make up Nik Collection 7.

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Advanced U Point™ Technology

Get to grips with the unique and powerful selection tools available in Nik Collection 7.

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Extended HSL Filter

Learn how to use one of the brand new features in Nik Collection 7 and take complete control of color.

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New workflows

Discover how to jump between plugins, quickly export files, and manage your presets for extra speed.

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With Adobe Photoshop

Get the most from Nik Collection 7 when working with Adobe Photoshop.

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With Adobe Lightroom Classic

Get the most from Nik Collection 7 when working with Adobe Lightroom Classic.

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Nik Collection 7

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Your questions

Is Nik Collection complicated to use?

Not at all. Nik Collection has long been seen as an easy-to-use alternative to photo-editing applications like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. Being split into seven elegant plugins keeps things simple, providing the tools you need whenever you need them.

I already own a copy of Nik Collection. Is it worth me upgrading to Version 7?

Each upgrade always introduces new tools and enhancements and version 7 is our biggest upgrade to date. It comes with: powerful new elliptical and polygon U Point™ selection tools, luminosity masking, direct plugin-to-plugin switching, Quick Search for Filters and Presets, Quick Export options, a 30% faster launch time, and within Color Efex: extended HSL functionality, easy access to Nik Viveza (as a Filter), and dynamic, stackable Filters.

Can I use Nik Collection 7 with Adobe Lightroom Classic?

Yes, when you install Nik Collection 7 you’ll be given the option of adding it as a Lightroom plugin. This means you can highlight a JPEG or TIFF image in your Lightroom Classic catalog and then trigger the plugin you want to use from the Photo menu. Once finished, a copy of the image will appear back in your catalog.

Can I use Nik Collection 7 with Adobe Photoshop?

Yes. On installation, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to add Nik Collection 7 as a Photoshop plugin. The seven plugins can then be accessed either from their own palette or via the Filter menu. Easy!

Can I use Nik Collection as standalone apps instead of plugins?

Yes, each of the titles that make up the Nik Collection can be opened as an individual application, so you don’t even have to own additional software to edit your images.

Can Nik Collection be used as a plugin to any other software?

As well as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, Nik Collection can be used with Affinity Photo and DxO PhotoLab.

How many computers can I install Nik Collection on? Can I use it on Mac and PC with the same license?

Nik Collection can be activated on a total of three personal computers, as long as it is never run on more than one computer at a time. You may install on both Mac and PC with the same license.

Do I need to pay a subscription to keep using Nik Collection?

No. Unlike some other software packages, your purchase of Nik Collection 7 is a perpetual license. This means that once purchased, Nik Collection 7 is yours for good. No hidden fees or extra spending is required.

How do I know if I have the latest version of Nik Collection?

Just launch any one of the apps and click on the Help menu, then choose Check for Updates. If there’s a new version of Nik Collection available you’ll also be prompted to update via a pop-up within the app.

Can I install or buy individual apps instead of the whole Nik Collection?

Nik Collection is only available as a complete suite of applications. They are not sold separately. Similarly, you can only install the whole of the Nik Collection, not select parts of it.

Is the trial version lacking any features?

The trial version of Nik Collection 7 comes without limitations because we want you to see just how good it is! You’ll have 30 days to decide whether you love it – and we’re sure you will. Once an activation code is applied to the trial version it becomes a licensed version.

What types of image file can I use with Nik Collection 7?

Nik Collection supports images with an RGB color space, including JPEGs and TIFFs. Grayscale images are not supported, so will need to be converted to RGB before they’re used.

Is Nik Collection 7 capable of processing RAW files?

No, Nik Collection 7 does not support RAW files from your camera. If you want to use RAW files, you’ll first need to convert them to JPEGs or TIFFs with software like DxO PureRAW, DxO PhotoLab, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Lightroom Classic. Nik Collection is optimized to work smoothly from within Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and DxO PhotoLab.