Nik Silver Efex
Black & white

The legendary monochrome plugin, inspired by the darkroom.

Nik Silver Efex has long been the gold standard among black and white enthusiasts.

Photo Focus

6 reasons to fall in love with
Nik Silver Efex


The choice of professionals

Easy to get started, quick to become a pro.


Inspired by the darkroom

Feed creativity with tools that draw directly from photographic history.


Complete control

Tweak contrast, tonality, grain, and more with absolute precision.


Craft an authentic look

Get inspired by the grain and contrast of legendary film stocks.


Intuitive local adjustments that just work

Use U Point™ technology to select and adjust specific areas of your images.


Beautiful finishing touches

Add sepia tones, burnt edges, vignettes, borders, and more.


Nik Silver Efex
Upgrades in v7

Every plugin gets big upgrades:

  • Files open faster
  • Jump between plugins
  • 3 new features in U Point local adjustments
  • Quick Export and Quick Search

Discover all the new features

Made from a love for monochrome

Inspired by traditional methods, Nik Silver Efex is the choice of professional photographers around the world.

Don’t just desaturate: bring a world of color into the darkroom

It’s not just about desaturating. It’s about taking a colorful world and seeing it anew.

The plugin uses unique algorithms alongside an extensive array of tools and adjustment panels.

It gives you complete control over brightness, contrast, tones, and the smoothness of transitions.

Reproduce 20 legendary films

Access an exclusive range of filters and effects and emulate the look and feel of classic film emulsions such as Kodak Tri-X 400, Ilford Delta 100, and Fujifilm Neopan.

Through a range of custom presets, you can manipulate the grain structure and contrast characteristics of your images to accurately recreate some of the world’s most iconic black-and-white films.

Photographer Thomas Voland loves Nik Silver Efex. To learn why, click here:

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Ultimate precision

Photographers need tools that let them harmonize the fine details.

Nik Silver Efex uses U Point technology, ingenious selection tools that let you make precise, intelligent local adjustments.

And in version 7, selections become even more powerful with ellipses, polygons, and luminosity masks.

Take control over contrast, structure, brightness, shadows, midtones, highlights, and more.

Learn more about U Point

This is for those who love the emotional impact, depth, and potency that black and white photos can have. And Silver Efex does this better than any program I’ve ever seen.


Rediscover the character and emotion of film

Explore 41 high-fidelity black-and-white film grains that have been recreated in the lab using DxO’s exclusive calibration systems.

Add intensity with ClearView

Originally designed to cut through mist and haze, the ClearView filter does incredible things for portraits.

It adds strength and intensity, emphasizes contrast, and draws out subtle contrast.