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We’ve introduced big changes to Nik Sharpener and Nik HDR Efex!

Both plugins have had their look and feel completely overhauled for a fresh, refined editing experience. In addition, they now feature all of the upgrades to local adjustments and Photoshop Smart Objects listed below!

Everything else that’s new in Nik Collection 6

Nik Collection 6 comes with some major productivity improvements to help accelerate your creativity.

We have added new options, enhanced existing tools, overhauled individual plugins, and improved a host of features.

Local adjustments get five exciting upgrades

Across almost every plugin, local adjustments gain five new features to take your images to the next level:

1. Combine the power of Control Points with the flexibility of linear gradients with the new Control Lines tool

2. Tie the impact of Control Points and Control Lines to the brightness and color of specific parts of your image with new Color Selectivity sliders

3. Get absolute precision with your local adjustments with the ability to diffuse and invert your Control Points and Control Lines

4. Stay on top of all of your fine edits thanks to the ability to rename your local adjustments

5. Keep all of your edits at your fingertips now that you can save your local adjustments as part of your presets

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Workflow enhancements

To make your workflow that little bit smoother, you get to choose where you want the adjustment sliders: keep them in the sidebar for a clean interface, or go old school and have them on top of your image for easy adjustments.

With this new level of control comes new ways to manage your adjustments. Everything can be saved as a preset, making it easy to apply quick changes.

Fresh productivity features

Slick and nimble

  • Unlock the non-destructive power of Smart Objects in an instant — from within any plugin
  • Summon any of your last 15 plugin edits and apply them in a single click
  • Can’t find a preset? The new search functionality puts them at your fingertips.

Under the hood

Those tiny changes that make a big difference

  • Full compliance with Apple Silicon, across the entire suite
  • Use multiple screens without any extra hassle
  • Affinity Photo is now detected as part of your installation process — no more fiddly integration.

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Significant upgrades to multiple plugins

Nik Color Efex gets a brand new filter

Crowd favorite Nik Color Efex gets a whole extra level of functionality thanks to the addition of a new Hue/Saturation/Luminance slider.

Nik Dfine: Rebuilt from the ground up

Version 6 gives Nik Dfine a complete visual overhaul, giving you a refined editing experience.

In addition, you can now save denoising profiles and return to them in just a few clicks.

Nik Perspective: Absolute geometric perfection

Nik Perspective now features the impressive new ReShape tool that will allow you to warp geometry locally, giving you total precision.

And that’s not all: you’ll discover guides, user interface improvements, and a few other goodies to make your life easier.

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