Nik Color Efex

Apply stunning and imaginative effects with the world’s most comprehensive set of filters for editing color, tone, contrast, and more.

One of eight powerful plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, offering endless creative possibilities.

Virtually unlimited creativity

Photo Workout

6 reasons why you will love Nik Color Efex


Creativity starts here

Discover the full potential of a photo by exploring a huge range of filters


Loads of presets to get you started

Choose a preset to get an instant look, and then dive deeper to achieve perfection


Find the perfect contrast, tonality, and color

Filters for every occasion, simple to refine with sliders and tone curves


Target adjustments with complete precision

Use U Point™ technology to apply changes exactly where you need them


Cut through haze

Eliminate haze and fog with the intelligent ClearView tool


Save your presets and share them with friends

Create your perfect recipe and save it for quick access or to share with others

Your launchpad for creativity

With more than 50 creative filters and 20 original image recipes, Nik Color Efex injects a vibrant splash of color and atmosphere into your photos.

Each filter has up to six unique modes for applying visual effects, making them as individual as you. Nik Color Efex will take you on a journey, transforming your photos and unleashing your creative potential.


A whole new level of control

You’ve found the perfect filter and adjusted the color channels. Now it’s time to play with a new set of HSL sliders in Nik Color Efex to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of your image.

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Local adjustments with precision

Control the effect of filters through Nik Collection’s ingenious U Point™ technology, local adjustment tools that target specific areas of your image.

Multiple Control Points and Control Lines work together intelligently and can be refined to affect regions according to their luminance and color.

Individually, these filters are useful; collectively, their scope and potential for creative image effects is huge.

Life After Photoshop

Cut through haze

ClearView, a hi-tech tool also found in DxO PhotoLab, lets you reduce haziness caused by atmospheric conditions with one simple slider.

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Authentic film grains

Following DxO’s unique laboratory analysis of classic film stocks, Nik Color Efex features a load of authentic film grains that dive deep into photographic history.