Color Efex
Color Efex

Nik Color Efex

The world’s most comprehensive and creative set of filters for color correcting, retouching, and applying the most stunning and imaginative photographic effects.

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Your launchpad for creativity

With an amazing array of 55 creative filters, plus 20 original image recipes, Nik Color Efex injects a huge splash of color and atmosphere into your photos. Each filter includes up to six unique ways to apply visual effects that are as individual as you. Nik Color Efex will take you on a journey, transforming your photography and unleashing your maximum creativity and imagination.

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Color Efex

Superbly designed interface

Nik Color Efex will help you create a limitless palette of special effects and moods with its dynamic and easy-to-use interface. Use filters like Sunlight to brighten up a landscape photo or apply the Dynamic Skin Softener to smoothen a beautiful portrait. Nik Color Efex is your shortcut to photos that wow. In no time, you’ll be creating unique images with stunning color effects and atmosphere. Save favorite combinations of filters as your own unique recipes. With real-time previews and a brilliantly intuitive interface, Nik Color Efex even lets you compare changes as you tweak your photos.

Designed for precision

Nik Color Efex has Nik Collection’s exclusive U Point technology built into its DNA. With U Point you can place individual Control Points anywhere you like in your photos and use them to adjust the level of opacity, putting you in control of how much of the filter is seen.

Color Efex
Color Efex
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The creative photo-editing software designed by photographers, for photographers
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