Nik Dfine

Nik Dfine gives you all the tools you need to remove noise without destroying detail or ruining your photos.

One of eight powerful plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic® offering endless creative possibilities.

Functionality is fantastic and it couldn’t be simpler to use.

Photo Workout

Perfect Noise Reduction

Digital noise can spoil an otherwise fantastic photo, especially if you’re shooting at higher ISO levels.

Nik Dfine uses advanced technology to remove the noise created by your camera’s sensor.

Nik Dfine profiles individual images and then applies sophisticated noise-reduction algorithms to automatically denoise your photos with a single click.


Amazing noise reduction algorithms

Nik Dfine is a wavelet noise-reduction tool based on advanced algorithms. It first transforms a photo into a map of spatial frequencies — a way of describing an image by focusing on how pixels relate to one another.

It then automatically identifies sample areas that are representative of the noise in the image before using that custom profile to remove matching noise elements from across the entire photograph.

Perfect noise reduction, right where you need it

Some images contain noise only in certain regions and applying noise reduction across the entire photo might not be precise enough. To overcome this, Nik Dfine allows you to focus your noise reduction by using Nik Collection’s innovative U Point™ technology.

These targeted local adjustments allow you to apply Nik Dfine’s intelligent noise reduction algorithms only in areas where they are required.

For more precise work, Control Points make it possible to apply two types of noise reduction — contrast and color — in different parts of the image.