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Nik Collection 6 features a wealth of creative and technical tools to turn your vision into reality.

Discover just the right tool to take on every challenge.

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Nature and landscape photographers have a wealth of tools at their fingertips. Whether you want to discover vibrant colors in Nik Viveza, or use Nik Color Efex to cut through haze and achieve the perfect level of targeted contrast and tones, Nik Collection has it all.

And it’s not just about getting creative! If you need the finishing touches in preparation for printing, get the ideal level of sharpness right where you need it with Nik Sharpener.


Nik Color Efex and Nik Viveza are the perfect tools for travel photography, following you off the beaten track to come back from your adventures with photos that capture the whole experience.

Dial in color and contrast with Nik Viveza, or experiment with one of the creative presets in Nik HDR Efex to add a true sense of depth to your images.

Control Points and Control Lines are on hand for intuitive local adjustments that are quick and easy to apply, giving you perfectly balanced photos that are ready to impress.

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Social media

Stand out from the crowd on social media using Nik Collection’s innovative plugins to give your work that strikingly distinctive look and feel. Make the images you share unique, adventurous, and scroll-stoppingly creative.

Family and lifestyle

Find the true personality of your loved ones by exploring the grain, deep shadows, and bright highlights of Nik Silver Efex to transform a family photo.

Alternatively, dive into Analog Efex to use one of the many vintage filters to give your photos a truly timeless feel.

Across Nik Collection, there are tons of presets and single-click effects that can quickly transform any image into something truly special. Get inspired!

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Street photography can often lend itself well to a high-contrast black-and-white, especially when the sun is low, creating lots of dramatic shadows and epic highlights.

Nik Silver Efex was used to take this clean and crisp image and give it the texture of a classic film grain before deepening the shadows to make the most of the composition.

Finally, a border was added to give the impression that this street scene is coming to you straight from the darkroom.

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Smooth skin, eyes full of energy, and a vibe that brings all the elements together, Nik Collection 6 has everything you need to push a portrait in any direction that takes your fancy.

Use Nik Color Efex to add a touch of drama into your picture, and then soften the features for a smoother finish.

To get a completely different feel, use Nik Silver Efex to give your portraits a classic quality: you can even add a hint of sepia to create that sense of timelessness.

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Low light

Shooting in low light can often mean a choice — noisy photos or multiple exposures. Nik Collection has you covered for both.

Nik Dfine eliminates noise, and with intelligent local adjustments, you can target the noise reduction exactly where it’s needed.

With Nik HDR Efex, you can effortlessly blend multiple exposures to create a perfectly balanced image with stunning dynamic range.

Still life

Creating a shallow depth of field can be a great way to remove distractions or direct the viewer’s gaze. In this image, Nik Perspective was used to place emphasis on the grapes at the front of the photograph, making space for text and other graphics ahead of its inclusion in a magazine.

The final step was to prepare it for printing. The photo was given some extra crispness with Nik Sharpener, targeting only the in-focus parts of the image thanks to the plug-in’s U Point™ technology. There’s a touch more detail in the sliced fig, making it leap off the page.

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Architecture is often a study of geometry and light, which is where precision comes into play. Nik Color Efex and Nik Silver Efex are great for achieving gorgeous tones, but what about the geometry?

Nik Perspective gets you the perfect perspective, getting rid of collapsing verticals in a single click — and so much more. You can even tweak tiny elements to line things up for absolute geometric satisfaction.