Nik Viveza

Shape color, manipulate tones, be bold, and inject passion. Captivate your audience by revealing the true character of your photos.

One of eight powerful plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic® offering endless creative possibilities.

Photographers will enjoy its innovative method of working.


14 color presets to unlock your creativity

If you need some inspiration to get you started or simply need quick results, use one of these gorgeous presets.
You can then dive deeper, adjusting every detail to add warmth, intensify colors, lift shadows, or manipulate tones.
Every slider is there to allow you to achieve the perfect look and feel.

U Point™ technology:
Precise edits made simple

Control Points are Nik Collection’s unique means of applying local adjustments. Target changes to color, contrast, tones, saturation and more in specific areas of your photos with absolute precision — and in just a few clicks.

Give someone piercing eyes, add intensity to skies, or plunge areas into dramatic, deep shadow.

Nik Viveza is where your creativity springs to life and Control Points ensure that every part of the image comes together to create an impact.

Super-fast global adjustments

While Nik Viveza is superb for making precise color changes to specific parts of an image, it’s also the ideal tool for making global adjustments to the hues and tone of an entire image.

Nik Viveza is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the highlights, or a cool blue tone to the shadows.

An exquisite interface, designed to inspire

Nik Viveza’s slick interface was created to make you feel immersed in your photographs, helping you to discover your style and deliver your vision.

Share your style with others

Once you’ve established your own distinctive look and feel for an image, you can save your edit as a preset, ready to apply quickly to another series of images.

Easily export presets to share with others or import them so that you’re never editing on a machine that’s missing your preferred style.

Viveza’s way of working is still very fast, intuitive and, well, different.

Life After Photoshop

Lightning-fast retouching in Adobe Photoshop®

The Nik Selective Tool gives you instant access to the entire suite of plug-ins when working within Photoshop.

The palette also allows you to quickly apply your most recent edit to a new image with a single click.

Find the perfect white balance

Make more precise white balance adjustments with the new Temperature Color Picker that lets you select the true white value in your images.