Bring out Light & Details in Your Landscape Photography with Viveza 3

Learn how Control Points can modify specific areas in your image without complicated layers and masks. Take control of your Landscape images and control light, color, and details to get amazing results!

Presentation by: Dan Hughes
April 18, 2022

When you are out in the field, sometimes the light is not optimal, and you are left with a photo that might be either too dark or too bright with lost details. Viveza from the Nik Collection can fix most situations and pull out the details, and adjust the color and tones in your images. Discover how you can easily rework your photos, both globally and locally. There are options that give you control over the entire image or specific colors and tones.

About the instructor: Dan Hughes is an award-winning photographer and esteemed photography faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dan’s personal practice revolves around experimentation with careful analysis with more than 15 years in the photography industry ranging from commercial photography to fine art printmaking all the way to software development and photography education.