Straighten it up! Fix Optical Distortions with One Click with Nik Perspective Efex Copy

Presented by Dan Hughes May 23, 2022

Whether it’s the distortions caused by wide-angle lenses creating leading lines and converging verticals, or the annoying volume deformation that sometimes ruins faces and figures appearing at the edge of group photos taken with ultra-wide lenses, these optical distortions can now be fixed with the Nik Perspective Efex software.

Thanks to DxO’s extensive database of camera and lens profiles, distortions like barrel, pincushion, and even fisheye distortion can be automatically fixed with just one click of a mouse. And if you want to take over the controls, there are many options available to correct optical distortions.

Dan Hughes takes you through several examples and shows dramatic before and after results!

About the instructor: Dan Hughes is an award-winning photographer and esteemed photography faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dan’s personal practice revolves around experimentation with careful analysis with more than 15 years in the photography industry ranging from commercial photography to fine art printmaking all the way to software development and photography education.