Getting the Most Detail & Color in Your Urban Photography with Nik Viveza

Presented by Dan Hughes
September 30, 2021

Viveza 3 is designed to rework the colors and tonality (brightness and contrast) of your images, both globally and locally. Using Control Points, you will be able to liven up colors by adjusting the Hue and Saturation, and you can modify the Contrast and Structure to enhance the details in your images.

Make your Urban photos stand out by taking control of light, color, and details like never before!

Learn how to:
• Make Global vs. Selective adjustments
• Optimize White Balance with the new Temperature Color Picker
• Edit your images with even greater control over bright lights, midtones, and shadows with the new Selective Tone tool
• Use 10 new Color Presets for quick effects
... and more!

About the instructor: Dan Hughes is an award-winning photographer and esteemed photography faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dan’s personal practice revolves around experimentation with careful analysis with more than 15 years in the photography industry ranging from commercial photography to fine art printmaking all the way to software development and photography education.