Built on robust
and innovative

Nik Collection 7 features a wealth
of creative tools.

U Point™ technology for
intuitive local adjustments

Create intelligent selections with a click of the mouse and make precise local adjustments.

Fine-tune the impact of a selection by tweaking its sensitivity to local color and brightness.

Make a series of smart local adjustments that combine intelligently with one another.


Control Lines, ellipses, and polygons

Control Lines have all of the functionality of a graduated filter but with all of the magic of Control Points.

And new to Nik Collection 7 are two new options: Control Points now stretch and squeeze into ellipses, and the Polygonal Tool allows you to shape selections exactly as you need.

Diffuse and invert for ultimate fine-tuning

For pixel-perfect adjustments, you can diffuse the impact of selections made using Control Points and the Elliptical and Polygonal Tools.

And note that any selection made using U Point’s tools can be inverted for those moments when you need even more precision.

Functionality is fantastic. It couldn’t be simpler to use.

Photo Workout

One powerful tool,
loads of different uses

U Point has a ton of different uses depending on what you want to achieve. For example, use it to target the impact of your presets in Nik Color Efex, then control hue, brightness, and contrast in Nik Viveza.

Then, adjust exposure in Nik HDR Efex, reduce noise with Nik Dfine, and optimize crispness in Nik Sharpener.


Selective Tones and Luminosity Masks

The Selective Tones palette gives you control over Highlights, Shadows, Midtones and Blacks, as both global or local adjustments. This allows you to target changes with a heightened level of precision.

For even greater control, Nik Collection 7 introduces Luminosity Masks that allow you to adjust an image based on a range of brightness levels — great for refining subtle transitions.


Remove atmospheric haze, fog, and mist using ClearView, intelligent technology originally developed for DxO PhotoLab.

Nik Collection 7 Palette.
Creativity is just one click away when working in Photoshop

The Nik Collection Palette is a palette integrated into Adobe Photoshop that gives you instant access to every plugin.

Nik Collection’s powerful tools are immediately available the moment you need them.

Beautiful film grain emulations, straight from the lab

Infuse your images with a taste of photographic history with a choice of 43 color and 41 black-and-white classic film grains, accurately reproduced by DxO in its purpose-built laboratory.

The power of presets

Every creative plug-in comes with more than 200 premium presets to speed up your workflow. Each one is an ideal starting point, getting the creative juices flowing, and then allowing you to improvise to your heart’s content.

Design and save your own presets, and even share them with other Nik Collection users.

A spectacular set of inspiring and creative presets and powerful effects and adjustment tools that can quickly take your photography in whole new directions.

Life After Photoshop

Smart copy-and-paste functionality for batch editing

If you’ve just made the perfect edit, it’s easy to apply the same finish to a number of different images when using Nik Collection from within Lightroom Classic.
Simply use Nik Collection’s smart copy-and-paste functionality to apply the same look and feel to any number of photos.


Nik Collection comes with features that make it easy to batch edit images.

Within a plugin, use the Last Edit feature to retouch your photos in a flash by re-applying the settings you just used.

Step back in time and choose from any of your last 15 edits.

Non-destructive editing

Give yourself the option of returning seamlessly to your edits.

Use Nik Collection to create TIFF files in Lightroom Classic that retain the details of all of your changes.

Work using Photoshop’s Smart Objects and revisit your adjustments at any time.

And remember, you can choose to turn your edits into a Smart Object at any point when using the plugins from inside Photoshop.

Meta Presets

Meta Presets are automated actions launched from the Nik Collection Palette in Photoshop.

They combine filters and settings from multiple plugins, making it simple to apply complex, sophisticated edits.